A Personal Experience: Part 2

As the conflict in Gaza disappears from the mainstream media, let us not forget the devastation caused to the families who have lost loved ones. What can be more testing than losing a child, we know too well how the innocent suffer in such conflicts. The current death toll in Gaza is estimated to be over 2000 and approximately 500 children have lost their lives. In Syria the child death toll is thought to be over 10,000.

Even on the beach, these children have no shelter. Those four innocent children who were killed on the beach in Gaza, their parents weren’t ever to know they would not return that day. Twelve-year-old Syed explains “When we sat in the ambulance together, I thought he was going to live so I felt a bit better.” But by the time they reached the hospital, his little brother Mohammad was dead. Three of his cousins were also killed that fateful day on 16 July, as they played near Gaza’s port when Israel shelled the area twice, in quick succession.
Three children from one family were killed by Israel’s warning strike known as a “knock on the roof”. They were playing with pigeons on that roof, as children do.

A personal experience

We have all heard about how the Syrian Regime targets areas that are densely populated such as bread lines, civilian residential areas, markets and mosques. When we reflect on the loss of lives, we sometimes forget about the struggles of the people left behind.

During my most recent visit, one of the team members on the ground out in Syria described the human cost of air strikes after an aerial bombardment that was meant to hit a mosque fell on three houses killing most of the occupants including eight children that were found dead under the resulting piles of rubble…Lives are shattered..and they will never be the same again for those who survived and are left behind in this daily hell they live in day to day.

Dr Shameela Islam-Zulfiqar

We can help

“There is no believer who consoles his brother at the time of a calamity but that Allah the exalted will clothe him on the day of resurrection. [Ibn Majah]

Children of Jannah and War Torn Cities

We can support these families financially, but the loss of a child is difficult to deal with, with your help, we can provide emotional support. Children of Jannah have been supporting bereaved parents since 2011. Our book sorrow to serenity which has been translated into arabic has provided much comfort for grieving parents. In an effort to support our bereaved parents in Gaza and Syria we are distributing the book to bereaved parents.

Our Arabic sorrow to serenity:

For a small price of £5 this book provides essential emotional support to the families who have lost a child in the conflict.

Support a family

You can support a family in a war torn city for just £10. Our family pack includes Sorrow to Serenity and Gift pack of toys for the children.

You can donate on our just giving page by visiting:

Personalise your donation:

We will be holding events locally where you can write a message in the book to our bereaved families.

Jazakallah Khair for your support and please remember these people in your duas.

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