About us

Children of Jannah was launched after the death of founder Hafizah Ismail’s 2 year old nephew.

It  was launched in May 2011 by Hafizah to support grieving Muslim parents and families following the devastation of the death of a child or baby, whether through illness, miscarriage or stillbirth. Believing that children who die enter Paradise, or Jannah as it is known in Arabic, is a key message used in helping bereaved parents and families heal from grief.

Children of Jannah became a registered charity in the UK in February.

Our Vision

Our vision is for Muslim bereaved parents and families to have access to relevant support and information from appropriately trained people.

Our Mission

Our mission is to meet the needs of grieving Muslim parents in the UK and beyond, providing practical, emotional and spiritual support, whilst educating friends, families, professionals and others to be better able to support them.