Lancashire Launch

October 14th, 2016|

March 19th – that was the day.

Weeks and weeks of sweat, blood and tears were poured into the preparations for this day, and it was fast upon us!

Naturally as the day drew closer, the nerves set in; the food, the decor, the logistics – will it all come together?

After an incredibly successful launch event in October 2013 in Manchester, Alhamdulillah, Children of Jannah launched in the region of Lancashire.

As is always the way with such events, there was much to be done in order to ensure that all went well.

We had opened invitations to a number of local authorities, including community religious leaders, health professionals and even the local police – each of whom had long requested the introduction of Children of Jannah to the locality – appreciating the need the charity fulfils to the Muslim public.

Alhamdulillah, as the evening opened things naturally fell into place, Sister Zahida Ismail, the Lancashire coordinator could finally rest easy.

Her preparatory work alongside the core Children of Jannah team saw a successful night launching the charities aspirations in the Lancashire region.

Masha’Allah, the team had been blessed with incredibly generous support from local businesses through sponsorship of the event.

From dinner, to the finest details, there was someone from the Lancashire locals who was willing to offer a hand of support, knowing that their love for the work that Children of Jannah does justified their desire to help.

After suffering her own bereavement, Sister Zahida learned of the support network that Children of Jannah offered muslim parents.

Having benefitted immensely from their services during her ongoing grief, she was driven to ensure that other parents in similar predicaments also had access to such professional support, and so, the Lancashire dream came into fruition.

Hafizah Ismail, founder and CEO of Children of Jannah, presented the visions of the charity to an attentive audience, all of which was well received.

The audience comprised of community members who are often first-in-contact with bereaved parents, in particular, health professionals; all of whom were excited by the prospect of working in conjunction with our charity:

“I feel assured that it is a well organised, well managed, well run, professional organisation that is essential. It opens the way to providing long overdue, critically necessary services to Muslim families arguably at their most vulnerable time.”

“It is a fantastic initiative to reach families, parents and professionals dealing with grief and loss from a faith based perspective.”

With the launch event being an overall success, Lancashire has already been inundated with calls of support from the locals.

Hafizah Ismail, along with the Zahida Ismail, have many hopes for the forward movement of the Lancashire sector of this wonderful charity.

Every passing day highlights the need for the existence of Children of Jannah’s work, and with the ongoing support of you, our generous public, we aim to appease the pains of our muslim families, offering them the comfort they need at their most arduous times.

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