A Personal Experience: Part 1

Aid convoy to Gaza 2012
I travelled to Gaza in 2012, following the one week incursion of the Gaza strip. I remember visiting a mother, she was nursing her two children on the ground,they both had significant physical and mental disabilities. The children aged two and three, had developed pressure sores from being nursed on the ground. She had two healthy children, one of which was her eight year old son, he wept silently in the corner as his mother told her story.

What made me particularly sad, was as a doctor I was well aware of services the children would expect, had they been in the UK.

We visited an orphanage during the journey. The smiles the children had on their faces when we gave them a small toy is something I will never forget.
Dr Shaikh
Aid convoy to Gaza 2012

Nowhere to hide for the children of Gaza and Syria

In any humanitarian disaster it is those who are most vulnerable who suffer, and the conflict in the middle east isn’t any different. Gaza’s health sector is still suffering from shortages of equipment and medical supplies from the ongoing blockade. Poor housing conditions, overcrowded schools and a heavily polluted environment is having a grave impact on children’s mental and physical health. Around 10% of children under five in the Gaza Strip have had their growth stunted due to prolonged exposure to malnutrition.

Before Gaza took over the headlines, it was the children of Syria who pricked the world’s conscience. Now in its fourth year,this punishing war in which millions of children live with hunger and fear, many suffering in areas under siege.

Children playing in a flooded bomb shelter in Allepo, Syria.

Children playing in a flooded bomb shelter in Allepo, Syria.

 “I hate the future so much,” says 11-year-old Daad of Syria who suffers with dark nightmares. “We might live, or we might die.” More than 400,000 children will require specialised psychosocial support because of the trauma they have endured.

We can help..

Anas b. Malik relates that the prophet (peace be upon him) said ‘whoever fails to show mercy to our children and honour to our elders is not one of us’ Tirmidhi 1919

Children of Jannah’s Toy Drive

This Eid why not bring a smile to a childs face in Gaza or Syria?

We aim to deliver toys to Children in Gaza and Syria as an Eid present from you. Everything has been taken away from these children, their childhood snatched from them, their lives uprooted. You can bring some normality to their lives.

Sponsor a Eid Gift pack for a small price of £6 we aim to bring a smile to their faces. This includes: Bubbles, Yo-yo, bouncy balls, balloons, an activity pack and much more.

You can donate on our just giving page by visiting:

Support a family too….

Why not support a family, by gifting a family pack for £10, this includes our Arabic publication of Sorrow to Serenity, which provides psychological support for those parents who have lost a child.

Personalise your donation:

Make an eid card to accompany your presents, and get your children involved, let the children of Gaza and Syria know we haven’t forgotten them.

Jazakallah Khair for your support.


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